e2p was founded in 2012. We focus on research, development of new technology and distribution of knowledge within the fields of green-tech and health promoting technologies and models.

One of the first technology projects developed by e2p was a stand-alone software technology to support co2 off setting in relation to printing. This project led to our current focus on green-tech and we remain dedicated to doing the right thing in all our endeavors.

We offer a wide range of services, from consulting to hands-on tech builds. We are specialized in cross-border projects, where diverse skill-sets are put into action and the foundation for new knowledge is created.

What we do

e2p is driven by the competencies of the founders and owners. The competencies cover a number of areas from software construction, financing, technology analysis to legal issues. Between the partners we cover the full package form idea to finished product.

We welcome all type of projects and stay dedicated to fast and efficient solutions, either through our direct services or via our vast network.

Our Values

There are three cornerstone principles on which e2p is founded, namely Integrity, Knowledge and Dynamics. As a small independently owned business we are able to provide fast and dynamic solutions.



This shines through in all that we do. Good business done in good faith with a focus on the long term.


Knowledge and the effective use hereof is what we all live and breathe for.


We only exist because of our ability to find flexible and dynamic solutions including different types of partners.

Who we are

Lars Karnøe, head of board

Legal expert, with 20 years of experience. Lars is focused on tech-development and holds a unique knowledge on all legal issues concerning tech-builds.

Søren Corneliussen, board member

Software developer, with 15 years of experience. Søren is able to put the clients ideas in to reality and build according to all relevant specifications.

Morten Karnøe, Director (Ph.D.)

Tech-knowledge expert, with 12 years of experience. Morten has been involved in more than 20 tech projects over the years and is currently working with a tech-project with Stanford University.

Eco2Pay ApS, Peter Holms Vej 25, 2450 Kbh SV, CVR 34204462